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Title: I didn't need that 250 million ISK module...
Post by: Mane Frehm on July 06, 2013, 06:38:54
Perhaps maraner should go to Amsterdam coffee houses more often if this keeps happening:

[23:13:11] Samine Starfire > whats up a hole
[23:13:31] Mane Frehm > ouch...hurtful
[23:13:43] Mane Frehm > would you like to buy your booster back?
[23:13:49] Samine Starfire > there was no need to kill my barge
[23:13:54] Mane Frehm > btw, they work better when turned on
[23:17:52] Mane Frehm > did get on my km
[23:27:42] Mane Frehm > now then - were you  interested in buying that booster back?  will give you a very fair price
[23:29:30] Samine Starfire > y i have a stack of them  they r easy to get